I'm just a person.
Name's Vivian. Seattle, Washington. Vietnamese. December 24th 1998. I like making music and playing basketball.
  1. *skip to 2:07 if you’re inpatient*
     Hey guys. This girl right here. Her name is Kristela Bartolo. @ftwkristela. Listen to this. Her voice. Isn’t it amazing? She thinks she sucks. Please prove that she doesn’t. She’s like family to me. And i just want to support her through out this. I believe she’s going to become something big one day. Reblog. Like. Whatever. Just help support her. She just doesn’t believe in her self. 

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    I know this song, & I know herrr :3 Support Adrian’s sisterrr! Uh, yeah. Love her voice.
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    Aye, Kristela. I like your voice. c: This is one of the reasons why I didnt want to sing with you like during recess...
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